Angels and Demons

Naked, seated, I lower my head and before my eyes appear curious characters. I track down and collect their apparitions and I wonder.

From explorations of the genre front of the psyche to the observation of all these impatient characters, the field of the interrogation has been considerably reduced. Is that how men... define themselves ? Are different ? "The penis is a social construction" declared a very serious article published in 2017 by a scientific journal. It was in fact a Skeptic hoax cleverly exploiting the "ideological extremism" of gender studies. Doesn't a penis have the right to exist outside from its function ? Reducing him deprives him of most of his life. The distribution of its representations while conquering or at rest does not respect the proportions of time spent in these two states. Can we just watch him, as he is, observe him outside what he is doing ? Between modest silence and media hubbub, showing it remains delicate. Gather his expression too. Men are still reluctant to express their feelings.

Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
This is not a dick.
We can only agree with Magritte in saying that representation should not be taken for what it represents and more broadly pose the cultural dimension of the multiple ways of seeing and perceiving both the object and its representations. André Breton, in 1936, called for the creation of dreamlike objects, for the reappropriation of objects diverted from their original ends or altered by some external force. The surrealists wanted to rout the viewer's rational habits and encourage them to rethink their relationship to reality. The mission is still current.


The absolute nude
What is fascinating for women, in my opinion, is that man is also a male, animal. Personally, this is what fascinates me the most. When I make a sculpture, I am necessarily confronted with the relationship of man to his own penis, with his limb in motion. It is in a way the matter or the toy of man. When it is flaccid, it has a little the consistency of jelly, but it changes state, it enters semi erection, then erection. It is part of the body of man, it's a bit like his sculpture. Yes, I consider the penis as a personal sculpture attached to the body. To me, it's like clay, a very soft material that you can shape and hardens slowly, then you bake it and immortalize its solid state. In my opinion the penis is a little malleable clay of the man, it can make him take different position and use it. Me, I use my clay to make exhibitions, the man uses his to give life, it's his integrated creative toy.

Jane McAdam Freud, visual artist, "Le nu absolu" documentary by Herbert Eisenschenk 2010 Arte, between 19’40’’ and 20’13’’